Wonderful environment for local children

A new nursery/kindergarten has been built next door to ‘Skolen på Amagerbro’, a primary and lower secondary school located in a typical district of Copenhagen characterised by classic residential blocks. Still, natural light plays a key role at the institution.

Sound-absorbing cement-bonded wood wool panels from Troldtekt are often used as acoustic ceilings in institutions for children and youth

Børnehuset Bodil consists of two main buildings with 12 nursery and kindergarten group rooms distributed across three floors. The two main buildings are linked by a lower building that houses the kitchen and communal room, and which is distinguished by its wood-clad facades. The main buildings are carefully scaled and tailored to the location, with the upper part of the facades clad in red panels to match the red-brick facades of the neighbouring school. The facades of the lower floors are also clad in untreated wood. The institution has been designed as a very compact complex to minimise its footprint on the site and to make the most of the available area while reducing material and energy consumption.


Calm ceilings

The design of the group rooms varies, as the windows are positioned differently, depending on the position of each room within the building. Light floods into the group rooms from every corner of the compass, creating a high degree of variation in the course of the day. The large window niches are framed in wood, which beautifully matches the Troldtekt natural wood ceilings, and which together create a wonderful sense of texturality and warmth. The rooms have been designed with a high degree of flexibility. Within the rooms, spaces can be created for various activities depending on the age of the children. In rooms equipped with many pieces of furniture and toys, it makes sense to have a visually calm ceiling surface, which can also create a sense of continuity between the rooms.