Choose acoustic panels with a reduced carbon footprint

The cement in Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool is responsible for the strength, durability and fireproofing properties of the acoustic panels. Now you can choose Troldtekt based on the carbon-reduced cement type FUTURECEM™ while maintaining all of the well-known benefits.

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Cement with a reduced footprint

Our cement supplier, Aalborg Portland, has developed the less climate-impacting cement type FUTURECEM.

FUTURECEM exploits the synergies between calcined clay and limestone filler. In this way, much of the burnt clinker in the cement can be replaced. The result is cement with an approximately 30 per cent lower carbon footprint.

Clinker production in particular takes place at very high temperatures and accounts for more than half of the carbon footprint of traditional cement. It is therefore groundbreaking that Aalborg Portland has found a method for replacing a large part of the cement clinker content and maintain a strength in the cement on par with traditional cement.

Over their entire product life cycle, the carbon footprint of Troldtekt acoustic panels based on FUTURECEM is:

  • 26 per cent lower than that of Troldtekt based on grey cement
  • 38 per cent lower than that of Troldtekt based on white cement.

A wide selection of acoustic solutions

You can choose from a wide range of Troldtekt acoustic solutions based on FUTURECEM.

Choose a colour for your design 

Troldtekt based on FUTURECEM is suitable as a base panel for painting with both light and dark colours. However, if you choose white 101 (FUTURECEM), you will find that the white-painted panel has a slightly darker colour tone than if you choose white 101 on a base panel in light natural wood based on traditional white cement.

Read more about colours and shade differences


For building projects, it is also possible to choose natural grey (FUTURECEM). However, please note that these unpainted panels may vary in colour – both across the individual panel and from panel to panel.

White 101 (FUTURECEM)

Grey 202 (FUTURECEM)

Grey 208 (FUTURECEM)

Black 207 (FUTURECEM)

Clay 210 (FUTURECEM)

Special colours (FUTURECEM)

Selected references with Troldtekt based on FUTURECEM

EPDs ensure complete transparency

Consultants and clients can now download environmental product declarations (EPDs) for different variants of Troldtekt acoustic panels based on FUTURECEM. The life cycle analyses document the total carbon footprint.

Downloadable EPDs are available for:


Read more about Troldtekt’s EPDs

Michael Lundgaard Thomsen, CEO of Aalborg Portland

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Aalborg Portland has developed a patented type of cement called FUTURECEM. Read an interview with Aalborg Portland’s CEO, Michael Lundgaard Thomsen. Read more

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