Danish Indoor Climate Labelling

Troldtekt is certified to the best indoor climate categories by Danish Indoor Climate Labelling (Dansk Indeklima Mærkning). To qualify for the Danish indoor climate label, a product's off-gassing must decline within the first 60 days following installation. Troldtekt panels fulfil the requirements at the first measurement after 10 days. Ceiling products are also tested for the quantity of fibres and particles they emit. Troldtekt panels qualify for the best category, ‘low particle emissions’, i.e. less than 0.75 milligrams per square metre.


Danish Indoor Climate Labelling (Dansk Indeklima Mærkning)

The indoor climate is a combination of air, smell, sound, light, humidity, static electricity, design and colour. Danish Indoor Climate Labelling (DIM) is a voluntary labelling scheme for building materials and their impact on the indoor climate. The indoor climate certificate is common to Norway and Denmark and is recognised world-wide. For the indoor climate label to be granted, the product must meet certain requirements during its use, while the product’s impact on the indoor air quality is also considered. One factor is the content of chemical substances in the product, another is which substances are released from the product to the ambient air. A product certified and labelled under the indoor climate scheme has been subject to extensive testing, and comes with documentation that it only releases chemical substances to the air to a very low extent. Ceiling products are also tested for the release of fibres and particles.


Testing for degassing

All products are classified with a time value in days – the time value relevant for indoor climate. The time value is determined on the basis of the time that passes before the degassing ‘subsides’. The time value is determined through chemical analysis and sensory (smell) evaluation.

Troldtekt is classified with the time value 10 days, which is the best category.


Testing for particle release

In connection with indoor climate certification, ceiling products are also classified for particle release, determined through sedimentable dust consisting of particles and fibres during the early use of the product.

The release of particles and fibres from Troldtekt is classified as low, which is the best category.

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