We have invested heavily in new technology at our factory in Troldhede in recent years. This has resulted in lower energy consumption as well as an improved working environment.

At Troldtekt, we work in line with UN SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production. Based on our Cradle to Cradle strategy, we work purposefully to bring about positive change in areas such as renewable energy and reutilisation, thereby supporting the goal of responsible consumption and production.

All the electricity used to produce our acoustic panels comes from renewable sources in the form of wind power from the offshore wind farm near the Danish island of Anholt. This is the result of the Climate Partnership that Troldtekt entered into with Ørsted back in 2012.

The Climate Partnership guarantees that Ørsted produces enough green power at one of their certified wind farms to cover Troldtekt’s electricity consumption. At the same time, the Climate Partnership involves ongoing collaboration to identify ways of further reducing Troldtekt’s energy consumption.

New technology reduces consumption

When it comes to energy efficiency, Troldtekt has come a long way in recent years. Our new production line was ready in 2019, and it was an opportunity to invest massively in new technology that benefits both the environment and our operating economy. At the same time, we have invested many millions of kroner in upgrading our existing production line in recent years.

In 2020, our investments really started paying off. We thus succeeded in reducing our energy consumption per acoustic panel produced by 9.7 per cent compared to 2019. Adding the energy savings achieved over the previous two years, we have reduced our energy consumption per unit by an impressive 28.6 per cent in total since 2017. The energy reductions have been particularly pronounced for our drying processes. The effect of technical and process optimisations of our two drying ovens has been considerable.

Green energy and recycled paint

However, our focus is not just on the amount of energy we consume. We have also made determined efforts to minimise the use of energy from fossil fuels in our production. For example, our own biomass plant supplies the heat for our production. Moreover, we have purposefully replaced gas and diesel-powered trucks with electric trucks.

In addition, we work to recycle as many resources as possible in our production. In our painting department, for example, after investing in a new painting plant, we can collect and reuse a large proportion of the excess paint (from overspraying). This has reduced the amount of paint that is wasted by more than 70 per cent.

Automation strengthens working environment

Investments in new technology have also led to an even higher level of automation in the production of Troldtekt acoustic panels. The abolition of virtually all manual workflows has resulted in a significantly improved working environment.

At the same time, we focus on minimising noise and dust nuisances as much as possible – for the sake both of Troldtekt’s employees and of our neighbours in Troldhede. In the new production line, for example, noise screens have been installed around the motors that power the ventilation system.