Troldtekt sharpens circular focus with new Sustainability Department

The Danish manufacturer of Troldtekt® acoustic panels is preparing to enhance its sustainability work further and take the next step towards circular products. Two profiles from the construction industry have been recruited for the company’s new Sustainability Department, joining two experienced colleagues.   


Politicians and customers are constantly increasing their requirements for documentation of ESG and the climate impact of various building materials. Troldtekt has been producing acoustic panels made of Danish wood and cement since 1935, and working strategically with sustainability initiatives for more than a decade. The company is now further sharpening its focus on circular solutions and documentation. It's doing so by insourcing more skills and establishing a dedicated Sustainability Department working across markets – based at its head office south of Aarhus.

Two industry profiles have been recruited for the new department: Darma Louise Duus is the new Head of Circular Solutions, and Pernille Brændstrup Kjær has joined as a Sustainability Specialist, focusing on documentation.

"In 2022, we became part of the global Irish construction group Kingspan, which has ambitious climate goals in line with Troldtekt’s own strategy with the Planet Passionate programme. We're now ready to push our efforts even further. I'm therefore delighted that we succeeded in attracting such strong profiles as Darma and Pernille," says Tina Snedker Kristensen, Head of Sustainability and Communications at Troldtekt A/S. 


Industry focus

Tina Snedker Kristensen and DGNB consultant Michael Christensen make up the last part of the quartet in the new department. As Head of Sustainability and Communications, Tina has played an important role in Troldtekt’s CSR reporting since 2010. She became involved in planning and implementing Troldtekt’s strategy in 2012, based on the international Cradle to Cradle design concept.

The strategy has generated significant results: Among other things, Troldtekt has converted its production to renewable energy, launched acoustic panels based on CO2 -reduced cement and ensured that offcuts from production are used as a raw material in cement production at Aalborg Portland. This has helped to secure Troldtekt prestigious honours such as the Danish DI Prize 2020 for green transition and the German Sustainability Award 2023.

"Our initiatives have resonated in Denmark as well as in important markets such as Sweden, Norway, Germany and the UK. Where it was difficult to get talking about sustainability initiatives just a few years ago, we're experiencing a new trend amongst legislators, developers, architects and contractors who are seriously boosting the sustainability agenda. The market is now more mature to enter into partnerships on circular solutions," says Tina and

"By pooling our skills in a new department, we will also be able to keep abreast with market expectations of us as a manufacturer of construction products. We are highly ambitious and will now start establishing local partnerships so that both construction site cuttings and used cement-bonded wood wool panels can be reused or recycled at the highest possible level."

FACTS: Troldtekt’s new sustainability department

  • Darma Louise Duus has joined as Manager of Circular Solutions. She is an architect with several qualifications in areas such as sustainability management. She has worked with climate impact and circular economy at the City of Aarhus for a number of years and most recently the industry cluster 'We Build Denmark'.
  • Pernille Brændstrup Kjær has been appointed as Sustainability Specialist. She is a qualified civil engineer and DGNB consultant with broad experience from the construction industry. Among other things, she has worked with development and documentation at Dovista, the Danish Technological Institute and most recently HSHansen, where she was Sustainability Manager.
  • Michael Christensen continues as Technical Marketing Specialist. He is a qualified architect, DGNB consultant and Certified Advisor in Sustainable Building – and has been associated with Troldtekt in external and internal functions since 2003. Michael is the designer behind Troldtekt’s award-winning design series, which, like the other Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool products, has achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold certification.
  • Tina Snedker Kristensen is Head of Sustainability and Communications, with many years of experience from the construction industry and has been working for Troldtekt since 1998. She has been involved in developing, optimising and implementing Troldtekt’s strategy based on Cradle to Cradle Certified since 2012. Tina is also a regular speaker at conferences and sustainability training courses.