Experience the new Troldtekt® design solutions


The new range of solutions gives architects exciting opportunities to combine the great acoustics of Troldtekt wood wool panels with a number of distinctive and scalable looks. Take a close look at the new range of design solutions.

We spend by far most of our time in buildings. Office buildings, schools, sports centres, restaurants, cultural centres and private homes. It is therefore important that these indoor settings are comfortable for our eyes, ears and health. With ‘Troldtekt® line’, ‘Troldtekt® tiles’, ‘Troldtekt® curves’, and six other design solutions, Troldtekt is giving architects the opportunity to combine great acoustics and a healthy indoor climate with distinctive design.

“The aim has been to design solutions that offer the greatest possible freedom in the architecture. You can create your own patterns and rhythms in the design – and vary and scale the various design solutions to create a very cohesive sense of harmony on ceilings or walls. We are seeking to appeal to architects who want the scope to do something out of the ordinary in their interiors, but also have to stay within a reasonable budget,” says Michael Christensen.

He is the in-house architect at Troldtekt A/S and the person who developed the new design series.

It’s all about the surface

The new design solutions have two key features in common: Firstly, they are mass-produced. Secondly, they are designed to give ceiling and wall surfaces a seamless look. Each solution is intended to form a complete acoustic surface, whether large or small. It’s all about the surface – not the panel.

“The series of design solutions marks a new chapter in Troldtekt’s history. We began in 1935 with industrial panels, and have been developing acoustic solutions for modern architecture in recent years. We have added exciting designs along the way, which have won international awards. We are now taking our design solutions to the next level – launching a whole series suitable for production using modern technology and therefore at competitive prices,” says Peer Leth, CEO of Troldtekt A/S.