Robust acoustic solutions for walls and ceilings

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool has the outstanding qualities of the raw materials from which is it made. Cement ensures strength, while wood provides natural breathability. This means that the acoustic panels have a long service life – even in demanding environments. 

Solid materials with a long lifespan are good for the environment and for total life cycle costs. It is often both easier and more sustainable to choose materials that last for 70 years than materials that last for 20 years.

Troldtekt acoustic panels are robust and durable. The setting and curing process transforms the cement in the panels into concrete, which adds strength to the materials. The natural properties of the wood make the material breathable and permeable. Troldtekt panels are suitable for screw mounting, and they are also easy to work with and saw.

Its inherent strength means that Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool has a long service life of at least 50–70 years, tolerates humid rooms such as swimming centres and withstands hard ball impacts in sports halls.